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New Online Baccarat Prediction v2.0

We introduce the new version 2.0 of the Online Baccarat Prediction, the latest evolution of our renowned, powerful, and accurate online prediction tool.

The new version of Online Baccarat Prediction incorporates our newly updated precise prediction algorithm. This translates into the tool’s ability to anticipate abrupt jumps between plays (such as a sudden switch from Banker to Player, or vice versa, when least expected) or to predict when plays will consecutively occur in the same position (for example: B,B,B,B,B or P,P,P,P,P). With this, you can be assured in getting reliable and accurate predictions. 

Additionally, with our state-of-the-art algorithm, you’ll reach the maximum profitability for each Baccarat session. That’s because Online Baccarat Prediction will indicate the most advantageous moments to increase your bet units (from 1x units up to 7x units). Watch your gaming capital grow session after session with the help of this potent prediction tool.

It’s worth noting that Online Baccarat Prediction employs the technology used in Quimera v3.1, leveraging its processing and analytical power to run thousands of 100% realistic simulations using the latest data (playing cards) that you input. For each set of playing cards you enter, it analyzes, tracks, and identifies numerical patterns within the shoe. 

These numerical patterns represent the most crucial and valuable data, as they translate into patterns and future patterns for the upcoming plays (predictions with a higher level of accuracy).

To carry out these simulations under conditions identical to a real Casino, factors such as the following are taken into account:

  1. The dealer reveals the first playing card, and depending on its value, an equal number of playing cards will be discarded without being shown to the player (this process in casinos is known as “burning cards”).
  2. The Baccarat game rules are faithfully replicated, as they are played at Baccarat tables, with rules for drawing or standing, just as they occur in our powerful and efficient tool, Online Baccarat Prediction v2.0.
  3. In all Baccarat shoe games worldwide and in all online casinos, there is always a portion of the playing cards that is not used (after the “Joker” or “Plastic card” card is dealt). This number of playing cards usually hovers around 100 cards for online casinos, and for in-person casinos, it varies between 17 to 52 playing cards.

With the new Online Baccarat Prediction v2.0, you will gain an advantage over the house edge.

This tool guides you on where and when to place your next bets and suggests the optimal bet amount. Specifically, once you’ve gone through at least 30% to 50% of the total playing cards, the system will instruct you on where to place your next bet: ‘BANKER’, ‘PLAYER’, or ‘TIE’. This instruction is followed by an ‘X’ and a number which could be 1, 2, 3, 5 or 7.

The ‘X’ indicates that you should multiply your bet by the given number. For instance, ‘BANKER X2’ means you should bet 2 units on the BANKER. You get to decide the value of these units, which could be $1, $5, $25, $100, $500, or $1000.

At the end of this page we have included a complete explanatory video, where you can see how our new and complete “Online Baccarat Prediction v2.0” tool works, its way of guiding you is easy and clear, additionally, thinking that we must pay special attention to what happens at the Baccarat table the way you interact with the tool is the most simple and intuitive.

In this video, you can also witness the most crucial feature: Online Baccarat Prediction v2.0 will clearly and timely inform you about the number of chips to bet, as well as when and where to place your bet (BANKER, PLAYER or TIE). 

Additionally, we have included a video in which you can see our powerful Online Baccarat Prediction tool at work. You will see it taking on an online live dealer casino and securing substantial profits.

Our YouTube channel where you can watch more videos of Online Baccarat Prediction:

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Now we proceed to explain how to use ONLINE BACCARAT PREDICTION v2.0:

1- Choose the number of cards that the playing shoe contains, where it says: “Number of cards must be 208 or 312 or 416”.
2- Write the playing cards as they come out of the playing shoe (the order does not matter) in the “Input playing cards” box.
Note that 10, J, Q, K are written as zero “0”
Ace (A) are written as 1.
Numbers 2 to 9 are written as is.
3- As you write down and click on the enter button, the results will be  shown on the screen (don’t worry about the time it will take to show the results since it is really very fast).
4- It will be shown on the screen where you should bet your next play: BANKER, PLAYER, followed by the recommended amount of chips, suggestions will also be shown for when the TIE bet has a good expectation.
 Both in the mobile version and in the desktop version in the upper right corner the word “HELP” is shown where when you click it will show a pop-up menu, this menu explains the most relevant points for using our ONLINE BACCARAT PREDICTION v2.0.

For best results, we strongly recommend that you score at least 30% of the total playing cards contained in the playing shoe.
Like any system: more data = more effective will be your results.

***Important note***
For your complete peace of mind, the payment method for you to use “Online Baccarat Prediction” is through PAYPAL, once the payment is confirmed, you will be automatically redirected from the PAYPAL page to our servers, where you can use our ONLINE BACCARAT PREDICTION v2.0 software for the time you paid for.

For your questions, do not hesitate to write us, in the “Contact us” section that is inside “More” section at the top of this page, we will gladly answer your questions and comments.

For faster service, our WhatsApp number is +50769068661.

We areavailable from 8:00am to 10:00pm New York time zone. 

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As you can see in the image, if you click on the upper right corner where it says the word “Help” a help dialog will be displayed, as shown in image number 2, this says in its first line: “Online Baccarat Prediction v2.0, use it to predict your next play”, here you can read how to use our online prediction software and remember any details that you may forget during the game session.

Reduce the house edge

Get to know the high accuracy of Online Baccarat Prediction v2.0, our new tool. It incorporates our newly updated precise prediction algorithm that is fast and reliable, thanks to its advanced processing capabilities. 

Use Online Baccarat Prediction v2.0
Time extended to 45 minutes.

Use Online Baccarat Prediction v2.0
Time extended to 60 minutes.

Online Baccarat Prediction v2.0, incorporates our newly updated precise prediction algorithm, easy to read predictions, will tell you where to bet and how many units, more accurate predictions!

Coming soon, new and exciting videos of Online Baccarat Prediction v2.0 vs Online live dealer casinos.

We present to you a real-demonstrative video of our software, Online Baccarat Prediction v2.0, in action. In these videos, you can witness its accuracy level when it guides you on where to place your next bet (Banker, Player, or Tie) and how many units to bet at a given time.

Remember and take into account that: “We strongly recommend having at least 30% of the total playing cards (120 playing cards aprox.) in the game written down to obtain the best results”.
As you can see, we started placing our bets roughly between play #23 and #32 to ensure the reliability of the predictions. Therefore, we are confident that these predictions will be accurate.

Check out our new release: videos of Online Baccarat Prediction v2.0 in action versus an Online Live Dealer Casino, doing its job with enhanced and expanded accuracy, now on our YouTube channel.

104 units won in total:

81 units won in total:”

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