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Baccarat777 designs Baccarat Prediction Software and Blackjack Card Counting Software with the highest degree of mathematical precision, developed with the goal of dramatically reducing the house edge.

The Baccarat777 team has professionals with deep knowledge in gambling industry, working directly in casinos for more than 15 years, in addition to this we have math experts and finally in the area of computer programming we have professionals with the highest degree of experience to be able to bring all this knowledge in a coherent, practical and efficient way to computer code.

The combination of creative minds, professionals in the gambling industry, mathematicians and programmers results in our powerful prediction software: Online Baccarat Prediction (new software), Quimera, Predictor777, Baccarat-Sniper and the most powerful and complete tool for Blackjack card counting: Anastasia.

100% real Baccarat prediction software and Blackjack card counting Software, tested in online casinos and live casinos.

Baccarat777 designs and produces mathematically advanced and accurate prediction software, with our tools you will be one step ahead of the house edge.

Our Baccarat Prediction Software will keep you one step ahead of the plays before they happen.

Software such as Quimera and Predictor777 use specialized algorithms that analyze, simulate and detect which play will be the most advantageous. On the other hand, our Baccarat-Sniper software analyzes the mathematical composition of the playing cards that still remain inside the playing shoe, this valuable information (which controls the behavior of the plays that are about to come out) you will have play by play in real time, thus being able to know which will be the most advantageous play before it occurs.

  • Bet more than 60% of the hands (bet rate), The 8-deck Baccarat playing card shoe delivers an average of 80 hands / plays, so because the strategy has a bet rate of more than 60%, you bet around 48 hands as a minimum per shoe per hour, that leaves around 32 hands unbetted, this 60% indicates that you will place your next bets only when the odds are actually in your favor.
  • Investment for Baccarat of 25 units per game shoe and a lifetime budget of 75 units, each unit will have the value that you assign it, it can be $1 or $5 or $100 or $500 or $1000, everything will depend on the budget you manage.
  • Monitoring of more data, in the case of Quimera as it is prediction software, it can carry more data load, record and meticulous control of large data simultaneously. Execute calculations and mathematical projections (thousands or hundreds of thousands of simulations before telling you where the next winning play will be) in this way, it carries out an exhaustive and meticulous control of values of playing cards out, last plays out, greater favoring (next play with the highest percentage that occurs), less favoring (play with the least probability of occurring), and overall favoring of each play before it occurs.
    In short, Quimera software will give you detailed control of what is happening and what is about to happen in each Baccarat session.
    • Predictor777 *new software, has a play selection algorithm capable of recognizing the alternation of plays and sequences of consecutive plays in the same place, as well as the times when certain plays will be more potential than others, as well as how much money to bet at those times.
    • And last but not least, we offer a complete tool for BlackJack players, Anastasia blackjack card counting software, is a very complete tool that uses the best and most effective card counting systems, such as Omega II, Hi-Lo, Hi -Opt I, Hi-Opt II and others, in addition to this it has a table of “Basic Strategy” Interactive enhanced by Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabling you to have full control over the cards that still remain inside the playing shoe.

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These powerful tools will help you destroy the house edge, you will be several steps ahead before making any decision.
Make Baccarat sessions more productive and successful with our Baccarat prediction tools.

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  • Trajectory: more than 15 years in this industry.
  • Products designed by people of this environment, understood in the matter.
  • World famous: globally recognized products.
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New Quimera v3.1, the most powerful and accurate baccarat prediction software.

Baccarat software

The latest version of Quimera v3.1, baccarat prediction software is a top-of-the-line tool designed to give players a real advantage over casinos. With its powerful algorithms and precise calculations, Quimera v3.1 is the perfect solution for anyone looking to improve their baccarat strategy and consistently increase their winnings.

Quimera v3.1 software is more intuitive and with greater processing capacity, now with 100x increments in its round-analysis (repeating the process as many times as necessary to achieve the best result), reaching up to 100,000 game shoes analyzed in less than 2.5 seconds, which translates into a higher level of accuracy when obtaining their predictions. 

Algorithmic processes behind Quimera

Quimera v3.1 processes and analyses all the data obtained thousands or hundreds of thousands of times (depending on how you configure it) before giving you a real time answer on what action to take (Banker, Player or Tie), this way the Quimera v3.1 software will become your best ally, it will be your best advisor before taking any decision to be way ahead of the house edge.

Quimera v3.1 is a powerful and dynamic software, it is the newest, most complete, and accurate Baccarat prediction tool available in the market today.

Important notice: To run Quimera v3.1 on your computer, available RAM is required, and the higher the number of “Rounds”, the greater the hardware usage, as Quimera requires and utilizes the speed of your processor and available RAM for smooth execution.

Identify and analyze numerical patterns within the game shoe, percentage values, play-by-play analysis and most importantly: it makes use of game simulations and round-analysis, it means that before giving a decision, Quimera v3.1 has already executed thousands or hundreds of thousands of iterations, before telling you what the next winning bet will be. 

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Baccarat Sniper, highly effective prediction software.

Baccarat Sniper, baccarat prediction software, is a highly effective and accurate tool designed to have exact mathematical control over the playing cards that still remain inside the playing shoe, information that will be very helpful when it comes to your next plays.

Record of played cards

Also, as is well known, in Baccarat each card has a specific value, this value seen cumulatively indicates how the existence or not of these cards within the playing shoe affects the development of the next plays.

forecast casino and

Baccarat software

Since Baccarat Sniper will perform a mathematical tracking play by play and show them to you on the screen, you will be alert when important changes occur in the numerical flow of the game, this translates directly into a higher probability of winning in this game.

software online

Intuitive and easy to use.

Given that its precision, light and clear interface, Baccarat Sniper will be very easy to use, taking into account that the greater the amount of data entered, the more accurate the results will be, so Baccarat Sniper will tell you where place your next bet accurately, throughout the game.

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Predictor777 new software, accurate, specialized tool for baccarat prediction.

Predictor777 is a new software designed to be used in the prediction of plays in any type of Baccarat and of any number of cards, being especially effective for Baccarat online games and Baccarat online live play.

Given that The Predictor777 algorithm is designed taking into account the two most important and crucial factors in the game of Baccarat, these two factors will be make the difference between winning or losing your money in each Baccarat session:

1- Alternation of plays and sequences of plays followed in the same place: many times when we finish a Baccarat session and stop to analyze the plays that have occurred, we then notice the following: sequences of plays followed like “PPPPPPP” and we asked ourselves “why not take advantage of that sequence…” or we noticed that there were quite erratic sequences like “BPPBPBBTPPB” and we realize (a little late already) that in these parts of the game we bet our money and we lost it! Taking this into account, Predictor777 has a play selection algorithm capable of recognizing the times when certain plays will be more potential than others, as well as how much money to bet at those times.

2- Amount of money bet for each play: without control, without a methodical betting plan you will not be able to resist (unless you have an infinite fund of money) when things are not in your favor, in the same way the amount of money bet will help you to recover quickly and/or and prevent waste of money unnecessarily.

How many times have you as a player not seen parts of the game or sequences of plays and wondered: “why did I not bet in this area” or “I should have taken advantage of this part of the game”.

Through a systematic control of the money wagered you will see winnings more quickly, taking advantage of more effectively the best parts of the game that players often do not take advantage of until it is too late to have recognized them.

In the “Settings” area we will see 3 betting modes:

1- Customizable mode: it will allow you to configure the amount of chips bet for each play, allowing you to configure from a very conservative way of betting to the most aggressive way (up to a maximum of 9 units per bet).

***Important notice*** To use this betting method we strongly recommend reading the user manual in detail and the recommendations and indications that we make in it.

2- Method 3-4-5: this system increases one unit for each victory and subtracts one unit for each loss.

3- Method 3-2-1: this system subtracts one unit for each victory and increases one unit for each victory.The game strategy (where to bet Banker or Player) is not allowed to set as this is the neural part of Predictor777.

With the amount of money system bet included in Predictor777 you will earn faster winnings for every Baccarat session played.

Combines a powerful play pattern recognition algorithm that will help you identify the best times to bet, in addition to this it includes a system of amount units bet, depending on the level of difficulty or ease that is present in the game, the consideration of these two factors will be decisive in obtaining true winnings (approximately 7-9 units) for each session of Baccarat that you play.

This tool is specialized for online Baccarat games and Baccarat online live play, it has an appreciably intuitive design, easy to use, fully configurable for any type of budget, allowing you to place bets that go from conservative to more aggressive bets.

Predictor777 will show you on the screen all the necessary information such as:

  • Where to place your bet (Banker or Player) and also the amount of chips that you must bet.
  • Result obtained for each bet made.
  • Amount of chips bet, differentiating winnings from losses.
  • It shows you the total balance of your money at all times, this way you will have control over your winnings in the game of Baccarat.

We invite you to purchase this powerful Baccarat prediction software in our “Shop” section now and for a limited time at a super price per launch.

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